• We Are Getting Ready For Something Big

    We are about to announce an exciting new project at Picento, plus a brand new website launching soon.

    In the meantime you can still view your images, or register as a new customer, Please click on the link below.

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    To contact customer services email to info@picento.com

    A Few Words

    About Us

    Picento is a self-contained mobile application and software solution and we are about to launch an amazing new photography system for Theme Parks and attractions. In short this new Picento system will be the ideal solution for Theme Parks, Attractions, FEC, & Cruise Ships especially in a post Covid-19 era.

    The Picento App allows customers to get all their professional digital images taken by our systems, complete with branding and template dressing sent straight to their Smart phones instantly. Picento customer’s can then save their pictures to their smart device or instantly share their photos from Picento to messages, email, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Picento is free to download from the App Store and works on all Smart phones,PC’s and tablets. It is a personal online album that stays on your device forever and always, enabling customers to renew their packages each year for guaranteed repeat business.

    Stephen Lee MD