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Souvenir Photography has evolved tremendously over the last twenty years especially with the introduction of Digital Photography in the 90’s eliminating the need for Film and Processing and allowing the ability to deliver photographs instantly.

This digital process has made Photography Operations at Theme Parks and Attractions very popular, and with endless photo opportunities available, you can present to the customer great memories of a great day out.

The Digital Revolution over the last couple of years and the massive increase in the Smart Phone Market, gives customers the ability to take many pictures much easier, so reducing the need to purchase the Photographs at an attraction but with an appetite for more digital images.

We here at Themeshots, a photography company specialising in the Theme park and Attraction industry for over 20 Years have monitored the Smart Phone craze, which has led us to create a ground breaking new Product that will revolutionize the way we take and sell our service.


This new product will now enable the customer to utilize their Smart Phones in our system, with an end result of happy customers using an App on their Phones they just love, and for us, the ability to build our customer base and to increase revenues for the future.

Picento is an App developed by us to give our customers a better experience and more memories, keeping them coming back for more and we’re the only company in the World using it. With this website we will tell you all about Picento, so for now I’ll just say that it’s already proving a big success at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the UK.

Picento can be purchased as a software system, we will set up the operation, the equipment needed and train your staff to operate the system at your attraction.

Alternatively we can supply Picento as a full service operated by Themeshots with a revenue split. Complete with trained and monitored photographers and staff.

Stephen Lee

MD Themeshots Leisure Ltd