Themeshots Leisure Ltd

A specialist photography company building upon a life time of experience to offer the best solutions to your needs.

Creative Theme Park Photography The Themeshots team is made up of dedicated professionals that create stunning images with
energy and life and forge amazing new memories for our customers.

Top Quality Each member of our team has to go through rigorous training and practice that may take weeks to complete before earning their stripes as a Themeshots photographer and sales assistant.

Theme Parks & Attractions Whether working in the latest Theme Park, or a smaller scale attraction, we can identify any and all opportunities, turning them into successful operations with great revenue streams.





Technology & Expertise Themeshots uses the latest technology to create truly memorable experiences. Plus, our team have the design skills to make custom edits to visitor’s photographs right there and then.

Why Themeshots Whatever the attraction or the venue, with over 20 years of experience in all kinds of venues and locations you can be assured that we will create an operation that will compliment and suit your venue. You can be assured that Themeshots have the solution that will work and surpass customer expectations time and time again.