The Big Picture

We live in a high-tech digital age of fast minds and faster phones and yet, souvenir photography still works the same way it did before microwave ovens were invented.

In a world where we talk to tiny hand-held devices, check the weather, use them to socialise, play games and generally carry them around at all times, isn’t it silly that when we have our photo taken at a Theme Park or at an event, our expensive hand held devices have no benefit to us and the professional photos we have taken?

The most popular photographic souvenir purchased at Theme Parks and presented at events is a 9x6 paper print. Sure the paper is nice, don’t get us wrong, we love the paper. It looks great and you can put it on display and frame it, but what if you wanted to share the photo online? Or email it to friends and family? Or just simply set it as your desktop background? Instead, the customer ends up taking a picture of the picture resulting in pix-elated, poor quality images being posted on
Social media websites.


With Picento you can have it all. Simply watch your professional images magically appear on your device as you enjoy your day. From there you can share, email and print your photos as much as you like. All you need to do is enjoy your own online personal photo album which is yours to keep forever. With Picento, you’re able to view your photos from any destination across the world, just open up the app and away you go. You can access all your memories anywhere on your Smart phone, PC or tablet to show your friends and family. Yes, the print is nice, but you will definitely benefit a lot more with Picento The Photo App.